Creating A Future for Deaf Children

Quite a few years ago now, several Canadians visiting Bali noticed that there were no resources or services for the many hard of hearing and deaf children on the island. Since they were in the audiology business, they knew a lot about what it took to help a deaf child function in society, but there were no treatment clinics, no hearing aids, no schools for the deaf. Deaf children had no place in Bali’s society, as there was no infrastructure to integrate them.

…You Have To Step Up

So they started a preschool, a hearing screening clinic, and more.

But Children Grow…

Today, many of those children are growing up and looking for meaningful employment, but there are very limited opportunities in a culture that is so recently learning to accept and accommodate the hard of hearing.

Preschooler learns computer skills at Lumina's Sushrusa Preschool & Kindegarten for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Chidren

Preschooler learns computer skills at Lumina’s Sushrusa Preschool & Kindegarten for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children.

We have created a Trades Training School in Bali for the many hard of hearing and deaf youth…




To give these hard of hearing and deaf young adults the opportunity to support themselves, we are building a self-sustaining Trade School in Bali. The plans include student dormitories and facilities for them to grow the majority of their own food in a sustainable way.

The school is being built in the tiny, isolated village of Catur, in the mountainous centre of Bali. Young adults will gain employable skills so that they may lead independent and productive lives.

Young students and their parents visit their new school.

Our Organic Farm Supports Our School

Pig farming is an integral part of the community and economy of Catur. Our organic farming and livestock will offer students an active training ground for skills taught in class, provide food for the school, and serve as a means of earning income to keep school operations sustainable and independent.